Ecommerce Website Design for Dr. Martens dealer - Bombshellsa​


Challenge: We collaborated with BombshellSA, a South African company with over 60,000 Instagram followers, to create an ecommerce website during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Goal: Our aim was to develop a visually appealing and user-friendly ecommerce website that enables BombshellSA's clients to make online purchases while leveraging their significant Instagram following.

Solution: To address the challenge, we designed and developed a robust ecommerce website for BombshellSA. The platform provides a seamless online shopping experience, allowing clients to easily browse and purchase products. We integrated their Instagram presence, showcasing products to their substantial following and driving traffic to the website. With secure payment processing systems in place, we ensured a smooth transaction process for customers. The end result is an ecommerce website that meets BombshellSA's needs and provides their clients with a convenient online shopping experience.