Website CRO for Secret food tours

Challenge: Secret Food Tours, a renowned culinary tourism company, sought to optimize their website for improved Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) , Joined their team for 9 months

Goal: Our goal was to enhance the website's code dynamics, address technical SEO details, and optimize the user experience to increase the conversion rate.

Solution: To achieve this, we first created design mockups of specific elements on the website. Using our expertise in coding, we implemented these design elements using clean and efficient code. By addressing technical SEO aspects and optimizing the user experience, we aimed to create a seamless and engaging journey for website visitors. The result is an improved website that not only attracts more potential customers but also effectively guides them towards conversions, enhancing Secret Food Tours' overall business success.

City page CRO optimization

Started an A/B testing process

1) Removed unclear CTA buttons
2 ) Optimize the card system for each food tour in the city
- Created a review system
- Added 2 CTAand changed the microcopy to " read more " "buy now "
- A special tag: "Trendy Paris " & "exclusive" & " Most popular "
- Added general info for the visitors " duration ", " stops", "food" etc...
- Make the walking tour special - to notice it easily and help the user to decide
3) Optimize the gallery
- Clear images: to give more information about the tour process
4) Optimize the review system
- We get reviews from TripAdvisor and Google
and share them as social proof

An increase with 8%-13% of the conversion rate on each city page

Old city page

Optimized city page

Home page

Blog page